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How To Read Your Tyres Manufacture Date

The week and year of manufacture of a tyre is always marked on the sidewall.
A tyre marked 3308 was manufactured in week 33 of 2008.
Manufacturers also mark tyres to show which factory they were made in, so they can track where and when a faulty tyre was made.

Where do I find this information on my tyre?

Find a string of numbers & letters close to the tyres bead usually starting with DOT. At the end of the string you will find the 3 or 4 numbers relating to your tyres age.
If your tyres have just 3 numbers they will have been made pre- 2000 and even if they still have plenty of tread on them we suggest changing as they may be subject to rubber corrosion.

You too might want to check when a tyre was made.
Tyre makers specify strict storage conditions for tyres, as they can deteriorate if these aren’t met. Signs of ageing can include cracking in the sidewall area, and discolouring if they come into contact with certain chemicals.

Tyres have protective chemicals impregnated into the rubber compound, released as the tyre flexes when you drive.
You rarely see tyres that have evidence of ozone attack unless they’ve been mishandled before they’ve been sold.

We do not recommend fitting tyres that are more than 5 years old even if they have been on the shelf.

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Tyre Manufacture Date